Let me help you!

The following is a list of the services provided here at Beneath The Bunk Studios. For rates for each one, as well as more details about each one, just click the service that you’re interested in. Have a question about a service? Use the contact button and reach out!

Note that, for every service listed, I will work with you on up to 3 revisions at no extra charge. After that, the price increases by $10 per additional revision.

Virtual Instrument Programming

Perfect for anyone who feels like their music just needs that extra 10%, but doesn't have the tools to pull it off.

Production & Recording

For those who have some music that isn't quite hitting the way they want, or those who simply need their music recorded.


Working with some tracks that are less than ideal? Let me help you out.

Mixing & Mastering

You've spent hours and hours writing and recording your music. Let me take it from here.



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