Hi! I'm Julian Worden,

and I’m the owner and founder of Beneath the Bunk Studios in Neptune, New Jersey.

For the last five years I’ve been obsessing over music production and figuring out how to create the best sounding music possible. It all started on Christmas Day in 2014 when my mom gifted me some super basic recording gear to get me on my feet. It turns out that a Presonus Audiobox USB interface, Studio One, and a Sterling ST55 microphone was all I needed to get totally hooked.

When I first started producing music I was working exclusively on rock and metal. While I still love working with those genres, I’ve since become super passionate about working on rap, hip-hop, and pop as well. The bottom line is this: if you’ve got something awesome, I want a chance to help you make it even more awesome regardless of the genre.

Are you interested in working together? Great! Are you more interested in learning about production so you can do it all yourself? That’s also great! Click here to see my past work and here to see the services I offer. You can also click here to check out my blog and YouTube channel that I post on at least twice a week.




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