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Beneath the bunk studios

Hi! I'm Julian Worden,

and I’m the owner and founder of Beneath the Bunk Studios in Neptune, New Jersey.

For the last five years I’ve been obsessing over music production and figuring out how to create the best sounding music possible. My goal is to extend what I’ve learned along the way to you so that you can walk away not only with great sounding music, but also with knowledge that inspires you to keep creating.

When I first started producing music I was working exclusively on rock and metal. While I still love working with those genres, I’ve since become super passionate about working on rap, hip-hop, and pop as well. The bottom line is this: if you’ve got something awesome, I want a chance to help you make it even more awesome regardless of the genre.

Are you interested in working together? Great! Are you more interested in learning about production so you can do it all yourself? That’s also great! Click here to see my past projects and here to see the services I offer. You can also click here to check out my blog and YouTube channel that I post on at least twice a week.


Tag me in at any step of the process!

Whether you’ve only got a skeleton of a song that you need help developing, or you’ve got recorded multi-tracks that need to be mixed and mastered, I’m ready to hop in and lend a hand.

Like I said before, I’ve produced everything from rap to punk to pop to metalcore. In other words, I’m pretty flexible. Click here to listen to some of my work so you can see for yourself.

Click the service(s) you’re interested in learning more about!

Virtual Instrument Programming

Perfect for anyone who feels like their music needs that extra 10%, but doesn't have the tools to pull it off.

Production & Recording

For those who have some music that isn't quite hitting the way they want, or those who simply need their music recorded.


Working with some tracks that are less than ideal? Let me help you out.

Mixing & Mastering

You've spent hours and hours writing and recording your music. I'll take it from here.

Past Projects

Check out my portfolio below! Use the tabs to sort by genre, and click on any piece of cover art to see my credits. To hear anything, tap/hover over a piece of cover art and click the chain icon.

Recent Blog Posts & YouTube Videos!

Obviously I want to do whatever I can to make sure you walk away with music that sounds just like it did in your head, but I also want to give you the knowledge that’s necessary for you to understand what goes on behind the scenes!

Below are a series of articles, and each one is accompanied by a YouTube video that contains the same information as the article! In other words, you can learn however you want to.




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