Production and Recording

Why Would You Need Me For This?

Are you working on a song that just isn’t hitting right, but you can’t seem to figure out why? Are you simply looking for a seasoned set of ears that’s willing to offer a more objective opinion on your music? Maybe you have some killer songs and you just need somebody to record them. If any of these apply to you, you’ll want to contact me to produce and record your music.

Defining the responsibilities of a producer in one sentence is tough because there are so many possible ways that a producer can help you and your music. That being said, it is most common for a producer to also be an engineer who guides a band/artist through the recording, mixing, and mastering process while offering help along the way.

A producer is that one person in the room with fresh ears and a fresh perspective who can offer bias-free input on the music you’re working on. This is important because when you’re crafting the same collection of music for months, or maybe even years, it’s easy for you to become attached to it. Whether you realize it or not, you start to look at things differently once you’ve heard a song hundreds of times.

On the other hand, defining the responsibilities of a recording engineer is easy. A recording engineer is responsible for getting the best takes possible out of the musicians involved in a project. In the event that they’re working on songs that they’re not also mixing and mastering, they’re also responsible for preparing the recorded tracks and sending them off to an engineer who will finish the job.


Production/Recording Sessions: $20/hour



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