Why Would You Need Me For This?

Editing is the term for what is commonly referred to as “studio magic.” In this case, it can include anything from quantizing (modifying a performance so that it’s more in time) an instrumental performance, to vocal tuning.

Although, in some circles, there seems to be a certain stigma around editing, remember that it’s a completely normal part of the process that many of your favorite songs have undergone! In fact, I’m willing to bet that 95%, if not 100%, of the music you listen to on a regular basis features instruments that, to some degree, have been quantized and vocals that have been tuned to some degree.

Editing is for anybody who’s working with less-than-ideal tracks and needs them polished up a bit. Maybe you recorded a band with a drummer or guitarist who was having trouble playing their parts nice and tight, or maybe you’re working with a singer whose pitch gets a little too shaky here and there. Regardless of the situation, I’ll be able to take your tracks and make them more listenable without making them too robotic and depriving them of their musicality. 

The bottom line is that editing can be a very tedious and complicated, but necessary, process, and I’m here to take that weight off your shoulders.


 I will work with you on up to 3 revisions at no extra charge. After that, the price increases by $10 per additional revision.

*Editing vocals or any instrument: From $30/song.

* = Pricing for this service depends on the complexity of the song in question, and the condition of the tracks in question.



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