Virtual instrument Programming

Why Would You Need Me For This?

Programming an instrument is the process of using MIDI notes to trigger sounds from a virtual instrument. This can mean programming and printing sounds from virtual synths, pianos, drums, and instruments of any kind. In the case of drum programming in particular, this can really be a saving grace for a project when working with a real drummer is not possible.

Are you producing a song that needs some drums, keys, orchestral elements, or synths on it, but you don’t play any of those instruments so you simply aren’t sure what to write? Do you have drum, keys, orchestra, or synth parts for a song already programmed, but you don’t have any sounds that are as high quality as you’d like for them to be?

Let me help!

With the assortment of pro quality drum sample libraries (Superior Drummer 3, Steven Slate Drums 5, GetGood Drums, and more), virtual synths, virtual pianos, and virtual keyboards, (Omnisphere, Arturia V Collection 7, Serum, Keyscape, and more) that I have at my disposal, I’ll be able to hook you up with sounds that fit your music, and are polished and professional.

In the case of drums, once I’m done I can send you the multi-tracks for each kit piece printed onto individual tracks. In other words, you’ll be able to control each part of the kit individually as if we had recorded a real drum kit! In the case of synths, keyboard, or piano sounds, I can send you printed audio of the sounds I ended up creating so that you can easily drag and drop them right into your production.


I will work with you on up to 3 revisions at no extra charge. After that, the price increases by $10 per additional revision. 

*Printing sounds from MIDI you have already created yourself: Starting from $20/song

*Writing and programming virtual instrument parts from scratch: Starting from $40/song

* = Pricing in this category depends on the complexity of the song in question



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