Is Quad Tracking Guitars Worth It?

Julian Worden

Julian Worden

Don't forget that there's a video on this topic on this page too! Scroll down!

For those who don’t know, quad tracking is the process of recording the same guitar part 4 times. Usually, each pair of tracks is panned 100% to the left and right and each pair has a different tone on it. Although double tracking is also a very common way of recording guitars, some producers will opt to quad track in various situations for various reasons.

For instance, quad tracking guitars holds endless tone blending possibilities. Experimenting with blending different tones is unquestionably worth it, as you could easily end up with a tone that you never would’ve created without that specific combination.

That being said, is it worth it to quad track guitars when all of the recorded tracks have either the same exact tone or very similar tones? Would you notice that much of a difference if you simply double tracked, like many people do, by using a single pair of guitar takes? Check out this video where I discuss this very topic through a series of tests and decide for yourself!

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